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Thursday, May 21, 2015

I'm Still Here

Since I last written it has been a whirl wind of activities around me.

I had the garden to prep and plan and have it hooked up to an automatic timer (my new toy for this year for the garden) for watering while gone but it's been so wet and cool since I left I had "The Man of the Place" turn it off for now. With that rain come the threaths of tornados and that is one thing I do not miss. 
I'm at my daughters now visiting and enjoying my Grandsons. They turned 3 and they are so sweet but they are also typical little 3 year olds. Full of energy and talking a mile a minute.

You can guess that when evening comes this Grammy is pretty tired. 
Now I did bring some piecework to do and have done some. 

I did finish the last two blocks of Rubys Garden before I came, so I hope to work on getting those set when I get back.

The drive was a very pleasant one and I did get to listen to a couple of books on the way and 
I liked them both. The first one was "Life from Scratch" by Sasha Martin

She has a blog that she has her recipes posted on that is called Global Table Adventure

and the second book is "Same Kind of Different As Me: A Modern-Day Slave, an International Art Dealer, and the Unlikely Woman Who Bound Them Together
By Ron Hall

I did start "The Girl on The Train" and so far it is very interesting and I am looking forward to finishing that one. I have also downloaded "The Blue Zone" and "Crying Blood" by Donis Casey her 5th book of the Alafair Tucker Mysteries.

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  1. Your garden is looking wonderful and those boys are just adorable. I know the feeling I had all four of my Grandchildren visit at the weekend, it was wonderful but exhausting.

  2. Dear Kathleen,
    your garden is a jewel. Pure fun to just look at the pictures. Have fun with your grandchildren. I will have my first one in September.

  3. Beautiful garden. Your grandsons look like a couple of really cool dudes, I love their shades. Have fun during your visit.


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