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Monday, May 25, 2015

My Slow Sunday

I wanted to share a little of what I have been working on, I did bring along with me mainly embroidery projects. I am still working of my list of UFO's and to be honest with myself I'll be working off that list for quite some time. 
The ones I been working on is Scandinavian Christmas by Lynette Anderson

this is the quilt pattern and the section I am working on is the 3rd part.

Right now I have all the appliqued parts done and I am working on the embroidery details.

Done mainly in the back stitch and some stain stitching for the hearts and french knots (I use a colonial knot)

Then the next thing I'll need to do is the cross stitched border. I copy the design on treansfer-eze and then will apply it to the block. 

That is what I have used on my Snowman quilt that I doing (also on the list)

I did finish the one block I brought with me. 

I using the same fabric for all the blocks, a light motley blue.

I love working in a stem stitch, I think it a pretty outline stitch. Not sure if you can tell but the transfer-ezes is still on the block, I hadn't washed it out yet.

And instead of using a floss I'm using Sulky 12wt thread. It a varigated blue which I like how it works up.
Now I did bring a few other projects but hether or not I'll have the time or energy to work on, will see. Those "little dudes" tucker Grandma out.

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  1. I love the Scandinavian quilt, beautiful work.

  2. very nice and beautiful, i like it:-)


  3. Both are gorgeous projects!
    I must be on the look out for the Sulky 12 wt variegated thread... it is very pretty!

  4. Very nice stitchery projects. I love to stitch with sulky 12w as well. Makes a wonderful stem stitch.

  5. Beautiful stitching on both projects!


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