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Friday, May 1, 2015

Straw Bales for vegetables

I am trying something new for me. Its been around for a while now but I just now decided to give it a try and that is growing veggies in straw bales.
I have a friend who had done this and she had great success and I hope to too.
So I started by laying down some landscape fabric to help prevent weeds from growing underneath the bales. 
Being where my garden is located it is a never ending battle fighting weeds.

Then I postion the bales on their sides 

and started conditioning them with blood meal (doing it the organic way)

I apply 3 cups of blood meal per bale on day 1, 3, 5 
watering everyday. 
Day 7-9 I'll put 1.5 cups and continue to water it in each day.
Day 10 I'll apply a organic fertilizer.
Should be ready to plant 2 - 4 days later.
I'll keep posting pictures and updating. I'm on day 5 now.
You want to know more than what little I have written go to these site to know more and they are the ones I following the "Hows To".

The rest of my garden is doing good. I have 2 beds left to clean up and one of those beds I have to replace the old boards that have been rotting and falling apart.



  1. I like your veggie garden, it looks great and is quiet big. Wonderful, can see the work and love you put in it.

  2. I read about this method a few weeks ago AFTER I put in my teeny garden (tomatoes) but think I'll try this method next year. I'd only need 3-4 bales so should be doable. Just need to find a source for the bales locally.

  3. I can't wait to see how that turns out...your garden is amazing!

  4. Interesting idea. And does the straw breakdown in to the soil, or do you compost it later?

  5. I checked their website, got the info. We may be moving a shed, with rock hard compressed soil below. This my be the perfect thing to get veggies started there. Thanks! I may do a link back to share :)


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