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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Yarn Along no More

It's been ages since I shown anything I've done with yarn.
I had been crocheting instead of knitting, for some reason I can last longer crocheting before my wrist start hurting. 

So I made this baby blanket out of stash yarn. 

No pattern just all double crochet, very simple, a non thinking pattern.

Also been slowly finishing a scarf I'm weaving. Started this after Christmas but had it put away and forgot about it until now. I have yarn picked out for the next one so I need to get this done and it's close to being done.

Now for what I'm reading.

Have two books going at the same time, one I'm listening to and the other I'm reading for Lent.

Listening to The Hidden Life of Trees.


I don't believe you need to be a tree lover like I am to enjoy this book. It's fascinating on how much I didn't realize about trees.  "Trees, have a sense of time, have memories, taste, smell, feel, explore, see, and hear, but not like we do." It's been interesting and a book I will listen to again.

For Lent I try to read something to reflect on during these 40 days. 
This year it's 24 Hours that changed the world by Adam Hamilton.

Product Details

The story of Jesus final day.
Daily reflection and meditation for 40 days.

Was going to link up at Ginny's blog Small Things but after 6 years of doing Yarn Along she has decided to end it. 
The linky party will be missed but I know I will still visit her blog and hope everyone else who did in the past will still continue.


  1. Hurts my wrist as well....love your weaving

  2. Very pretty baby blanket. The scarf is looking good too.


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