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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

So Many Ways

I have been playing catch up with you on what is going on this past week.
I hadn't mention my Mom and her treatments for Melanoma has been going. She did just fine with the surgery to remove the tumor (which was a success) but now she is dealing with a spot on a lymph node near where the tumor was. Finally she started radiation this week. She should have little reaction they say because she is having Cyber-knife radiation. Because its a pin-pointed form of radiation, there is less damage to surrounding tissues or organs. Which sounds all good to me. 

So from what I have posted in the past, I always take something with me to her medical appointments.

Most of the time it is something small to carry along with me, something with very few pieces and crocheting seem to be the main go-to project I grab

What I've been taking lately is crochet wash clothes.

Still working on using up the stash yarn, there is a tub of Sugar n Cream cotton yarn I been working with. It's done in a waffle stitch pattern.

It takes one ball per cloth. As you can see, just a little remain after one is completed.

Would like to also show others stash busters projects that I have completed these past couple months. 

Another baby blanket for a girl.
Sweet pink and white.

Then this blanket here. 
All with stash yarn too.

Love this pattern
It's a PDF pattern I found on Instagram.

Pete is modeling the latest one I am working on.
Done in the same pattern as the blanket above but in only one color (variegated) skein.

Have a little more to do on it before its done. It's become so big that's I'm unable to take it to Doctor appointments, that's why I have been working on dish cloths too.

So now caught up on the progress of crocheting projects.

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  1. Glad to hear that your mother's surgery went well and that the radiation treatment shouldn't be too bad. You've got some very pretty projects there. I love that last one with the variegated thread.


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