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Thursday, August 23, 2018

Time Flys

I can't believe that here it is the second half of August, where has the past 7 weeks gone.
I have had family visits and been helping my parents but still looking back at that, where did it go.
Haven't gone anywhere and I'm feeling like I need to get away.
Until then, life goes on.

Haven't done sewing on a regular bases. With that said I was able to get 3 tops finished and now ready to go to the quilter.

First is Scrappy One
( update; I had been in touch with the person who has the blog "I Just Love Quilts" . She had made this same pattern a few years ago and I asked if it was ok to put a link to her blog so so you could also see her version of this quilt.
here's the link   i just love quilts

This quilt ended up being large enough for my King size bed 
118 x 103

I just love it and it will so nice on the bed.
All 1" squares

Now this top I had thought I had lost it. I have looked for this quilt for at least 3 years it seems like.
Found it at the bottom of a tub I had out in the garage, and have no memory at all that this was put in that tub.

All I had to finish on this top was the outer blue border
Have no idea why it would be out there and unfinished.
I so thought I had it finished.

The snowmen are so cute and I enjoyed making this.

And this top is all I can show for now until the pattern is publish in a national magazine.
I show this and the pattern when it's published.

Now for what I would like to do next?

This quilt here. 
My middle daughter wants me to make 2 for their camper.
Cute pattern and will be fairly easy to make.
Looking forward to starting. I've gathered some fabric and need to find some more and then I ready.

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  1. I've heard it said that time flies when you are having fun. Maybe you've been having a lot of fun, even if you haven't been quilting very much. That will come when you are ready. ---"Love"

  2. I must have failed to scroll down before posting a comment earlier because I didn't see your quilts the first time I saw your post. I almost went into shock when I saw the first quilt with all those l" squares. In case you don't know it, I made that same quilt with 2" squares and not as large. I quilted it myself on my Janome 8900 and finished it in August, 2016. I had seen a picture online in a quilt store, and couldn't find anyone who knew about a pattern for it. So I just counted squares and calculated until I got mine done all by myself. Wish I had known there was a pattern. Mine really is much simpler than yours, but I love them both. You did a fantastic job on a quilt that is quite a challenge! ---"Love"

    1. I am so sorry I forgot to put a link to yours and I have now. Yours turned out so beautiful..
      I too had no pattern just a picture I found online.

  3. What beautiful quilts--those 1" squares and the funny snowmen are just so lovely. Great works hugs, Julierose

    1. Thank you. That snowman quilt is one of my favorites. Marilyn McSpadin is such a talented designer who has done so few but the ones she has are wonderful. She design the Sunflower quilt and the Gingerbread men I did

  4. Heel mooi de tops van de quilten, succes met het afmaken.
    Je nieuwe werk ziet er leuk uit.
    Goed weekeinde.
    Groetnis Annie

    1. Very nice the tops of the quilting, success with finishing.
      Your new work looks nice.
      Good weekend

      Thank Annie, It was great to have these all now completed. Hope you have a good day too.

  5. The snowmen quilt is stunning, I love it. Time is certainly flying by, like you I am wondering where the past few months have gone?

  6. I'm curious, have you counted the pieces in Scrappy One? Or are you like me and get tired of counting? Very pretty by the way. Denise@fortheloveofgeese.com

    1. You know Denise I thinking I ought to. I bet it's 5 digits. I am going to do that, next challenge

  7. Love your quilts, especially Scrappy One. Its just fantastic!

  8. Thank you so much, this one is going to one of my favorite.

  9. Sounds like life has been very busy. Love all three of your finished tops. The first one is amazing, 1" squares? Hope life slows down a bit as autumn settles in.


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