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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Mid Week Progress

Just a quick update on the WIP I'm working on

The Blue windmill blocks I had cut out are finished 

When I started this top last year I just cut out squares without counting them and it needs 9 more blocks to make a twin, so I found the fabric I used and now need to get some squares cut.

Also have made some progress on the Wildrose Backpack

This is the base/middle of the backpack

Like I mentioned last time I'm using extra colors and so far it looks fine. Looking forward to see what it will look like when completed.

The stitching on the project bag is done and now it's time to figure which fabric I like for the drawstring casing and maybe the lining.

Had these 3 picked out and decided on this one.

The base of the bag I decided it to be  crocheted.

I'm using 2 mm macrame cord and so far I like the weight and hope it works out like I planned.

Then the last is something I just started and it is warping for another rag rug to match the one I finished last week.

Not sure how much I'll get done tomorrow seeing how it's time for my annual mammogram. FUN FUN.
Plus need to go by Costco too
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  1. I really like that windmill project--the colors are really pretty nice work hugs, Julierose

  2. You are a soul make and fellow blue lover. It is a very simple pattern to put together. All free cut no pattern other than starting with an 8" square.

  3. That back pack is a delight, I am tempted to try and crochet one myself.

  4. I took weaving at college, but not being so savvy with math, had trouble on the test. I love weaving but would not want to be the one to figure out how much length was needed for the strings... warp? that had to go on before weaving could begin. I envy anyone (just about every one but me) who can do the math, and have the space for a loom, and the $ to get one! ENJOY!


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