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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Stitch Journal Day #19

I am a late joiner to the idea of a Stitch Journal and the process is what I like the most.

The freedom of creativity is different from all the others.

I find it meditative.

Like today I was out on the back porch enjoying a cup of coffee when out in the pasture came a deer slowly moving through the high grass. We figure she must have a fawn near by because of the way she was acting, slow and cautious.

What I never expected was to see the smallest fawn I've ever seen. For a brief time the fawn was in a spot of short grass and you could see that it barely came up to the mother's belly. Very awkward and unsteady at walking, so we knew it was born within the last 24 hrs.

Just so precious. I was so in the moment never thought to take a picture.

But that is what I put on my stitch journal, the fawn.
Found floss that had the colors of the fawn, brown with light color for the spots

       This is my representation of the fawn.

Which is now day #19

Seeing how I started on the 1st of May and not January 1.
It's mine to start whenever.  

Been a good day.

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  1. Such a great photo of the fawn and a wonderful interpretation in you work.

  2. How special to see a deer and her tiny fawn near your home. Your Stitch Journal sounds as if it is going to be fabulous. It looks lovely thus far.


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