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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

What's up 5-21-19

I had meant to get this posted last night but unfortunately we had a bout of severe  weather, in fact a tornado touched down a couple miles from us. Really do not like these storms at night. Can't see it coming.

We're good just some downed limbs and trees. Of course the water gaps are gone and needing repair (again).

Now it's on to more calming stuff.

What I'll start with is this week "one thing with Amy" 

I had woven this a couple months ago and the plan was this was going to be a wrap. But when I was direct warping I came up short on yarn for the width I wanted. I still went ahead and made this.

So plan B is to use this fabric to cover these pillows. 

Then I wanted show what's up on the design wall.

On the right is what I started last year for my middle daughter. She asked if I would make quilts for her camper. She has two beds.

Such a cute pattern and so far I have only 2 tree blocks done, no where enough. I figure if I can, try hard to get a few of them done a week.  It's a start.

Took me an hour to find what I did with the pattern and fabric set aside. Things are such a mess around here if you ask me.

Also have up some units together that needs to be stitched.

But that's just a few compared to whats left.   

Then I started this

 I just couldn't wait until I was finished making the afghan I been working on for the past few months. Love this Wildrose backpack by Stephanie Jessica Lau at All about Ami

I had purchased this yarn close to 8 years ago for another sweater that I never made.

100% cotton which is what the pattern calls for.

Wound it into balls, now I'm ready to start

Boy this ended up being a little bit of this and that.

Till Later 
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  1. Sorry to read about the tornado, thankfully you are all safe. So many things to admire. Love the pattern you are using for the camper van quilts, they are adorable. The cotton yarn is such beautiful colours.

  2. Thank you very much. My daughter did picked out a cute pattern.

  3. Glad the worst of the storms missed you. It's been quite a week on the weather front. Love the camper themed quilt. Hope you've been able to get a few more bits and pieces of it up on the design wall.


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