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Sunday, April 15, 2012

After a Hiccup

I had started out yesterday afternoon working on the Christmas Quilt A-Long and with full intentions of just finishing part 3 in  a couple of hours of sewing. Things were going along just smoothly until I started to feel a little odd. Now if any of you have food allergies or have had an allergic reactions to something, you know what I was feeling. It was the onset of a food reaction and mine starts with tingling/itchy feeling. Needless to say that just blew the rest of my evening. Hives and a couple of Benadryl pills later it was "good night" for me. Plus I not much good for a while the next day either but I did get them done today, all 20 sets.

 I have a few of Deb Tucker's trimmers and the one I use the most is the "Trucker Trimmer"

 I love the simplicity of it and it works so well for trimming up these hour glass blocks. You get the center perfectly in the center and the sides lined upped just right

 After that they go together so nicely. That is because they are all trimmed exactly perfect.
I am ready for next month.
Remember the second Saturday of May.
Now I need to go cook today's egg recipe.

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  1. Love your completed sets! I have never seen that trimmer...it sure seems to work well. Wonderful perfect pieces!


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