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Monday, April 16, 2012

What's Up Monday

Its Monday again, boy time goes by way too quickly.

This week I have so much to get done around the place before I go to California to be with my daughter. She is having twins and had been in the hospital the past couple of weeks and thought she would have to stay until the boys were born but they let her go home this past weekend. Now I am needed more now to help because she is ordered to stay in bed.
So on my wall are projects I have to get done before I go.

 This was this months block for the 30's club at Sager Creek. It is a row of the new BOM quilt for the 30's club. The pattern is one of Pam's, owner of the shop.
Here is a link to the shop
Plus I have some blanket stitching to do on the bottom two block, left Morris Garden and right is Sisters in Scripture, the block is for the anointed woman and is a picture of a spilled bottle of perfume.

 Then it's not up on the wall but on my list, is to make the boys a swaddling blanket.

This was up all of last week and I hate to admit it but I did not get one stitch done to it.
Maybe I can take it with me or "not".
Like I'll have time when I get there.
Till next time


  1. Twins!!! How wonderful. I hope all goes well for your family :)

    The quilt is fabulous (but not as fabulous as twin boys)

  2. You are doing some excellent work. I really like the look of the blanket stitch. Takes some practice which I've been doing lately to perfect it. You'll find some down time for sewing while you help your daughter...exciting TWINS! They'll keep everyone busy for awhile. Sandi

  3. Wow, what a busy life! Good luck with all your projects!

  4. Love the idea of the swaddling blankets! So cute! Good luck to you and your family. With twins, I'm sure they will appreciate your help.
    I'm in Santa Rosa and my daughter is due June 10th with my 1st grandchild. I can't wait as I'm sure you are excited also. I pray that everything goes as planned for your daughter. Safe travels. Robin

  5. Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your Twin Grandson's!
    Love the swadding blanket pattern - they'll be so practical AND adorable!

  6. God bless you daughter and her laying in as we used to say. Last year I spent three weeks away from home helping my son and DIL with the birth of their third child, my first grand daughter. It was a happy and exhausting experience so get as much rest as you can!


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