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Monday, April 2, 2012

Making a Yo-Yo Egg

This is an egg I made by covering Styrofoam eggs with Yo-Yo's. 
They are so cute.

You make a lot of Yo-Yo's and I did used the Clover Yo-Yo maker. I really like using it because to me it is easier and faster. So when making a lot of these it helps.

Then you attach them with straight pins. I did not try a hot glue gun, because I could not remember if you can use hot glue on Styrofoam. 

Overlap the Yo-Yo's 
Now you can add small buttons when pinning the Yo- Yo's on like this one.

This is how all of these are done.

I love eggs, you think.


  1. Now those are darling! I'll have to give it a whirl before Easter...not much time, though, for someone who doesn't have a Clover yo-yo maker! Well, maybe one small one, anyway. Thanks for the directions. I really like these!

  2. What a fun and cute idea. I know I will not have time for anything this week but I will put this idea in my notebook. I must get myself one of those yo yo makers. I always seem to do things the hard way.

  3. A great idea, I must remember this next year and purchase some stryrofoam eggs! Happy Easter!!

  4. Those are so cute, I have a bunch of girlfriends who would be all over this!

  5. They are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. I had seen these somewhere when out shopping and was going to make some, but couldn't remember how they were done...I forgot to take a picture.


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