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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Crochet Market Bag

source Lion Brand Yarns

I had made a bag like this a couple years ago but had given it to my daughter so I do not have completed one to show.
Like I had posted yesterday for Plastic Free July here is a pattern for a crochet market bag.

I'm using Peaches and Cream cotton yarn and a free pattern off of Ravelry.
Just started it this afternoon and it's a quick one to work up. Could go quicker if it was not for the carpal tunnel in my right hand and crocheting is harder than knitting for some reason.

I went to take this picture and my new kitten "Bob" had to help again, he is very helpful.

Now if you do not crochet you can get reusable bags at most grocery stores or reuse the paper sacks that are used in some stores. There are some in my car at all times, but have to admit there are times I've ran into the store and forgot to grab a bag or two. Have to make a conscious effect to keep it a habit. But one well worth it.

Now for what I just finished reading/listening to.
The other day I was listening to our local NPR and there was an interview with an author of a series of mystery novels that are set in 1910 - 1920's . It's of a mother of ten in rural Oklahoma, Alafair Tucker who is the main character. Well being that it is taking place not far from here sounded like a fun one to read. And it was, its an easy read but entertaining. I'm going to start the second one tomorrow. 

Product Details
First in the series

Product Details
 I also want to share a picture I posted on Facebook on my two year old twin grandsons who I refer to as the "little dudes"

Life could be no better than at 2 and so full of happiness with a long future ahead

may we all be so happy


  1. Sounds like an interesting book! Cute kiddos :)

  2. So precious! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Your post is overloading with cute,! First Bon, than those two munchkins! Adorable!


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