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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yarn along

It's been a couple weeks since I have posted anything knitting or crocheting related. So I have a few things I want to share that I have completed the past couple weeks.

First is the crocheted market bag. I finish that up shortly after I had posted about it a couple weeks ago and just haven't got around to putting it on. It's a simple pattern that's fast and very practical. I ran out of variegated yarn I started with, so ended up adding some from my stash. It wasn't a variegated like I started with but I think it worked out pretty well. You can get the pattern here where I had posted it earlier.

Then I made a pot scrubber because 

I have been using this one for so long as you can tell it's falling apart. And I really needed a new one. 
So again I'll give you the instructions on how to make this pot scrubber. They're perfect for using on pots and pans that you do not want to scratch in anyway but clean very thoroughly.
Here are the instructions for 3 scrubbers

1 1/2 yds of 72" netting, cut into 2" strips
J or K Crochet Hook

For each scrubber, join six strips in a long strip with a loosely tied double not to make one long strip.

Chain 4 and join. Crochet 2 sc in the backstitch of each chain, and without joining, continue with 2 sc in the back of each sc, and continue and around until you reach the second double knot.

Hold knots in back of work. 1 sc in each stitch (Backloop only) until you reach the last knot.

Sc 4 more stitches and turn work inside out. Sc in every other stitch to close. Stuff any left over netting inside scrubber

As for my shawl, I'm still working on it and I haven't completed it yet but I'm on the last section to complete. Hopefully I'll have it done in the next week or two.

And what I'm reading, is this months periodicals. Have a lot of catching up to do on them.

Want to thank you for coming by and see what I have been working on. I hope to enjoy seeing what you have been working on to


  1. Nice! I always thought cotton and acrylic scrubbers wouldn't work very well, but those work great!

  2. Such great projects you have- I love the bag and the dish cloth- very clever.

  3. The market bag is stunning. Thanks for sharing the pattern for a pan scrubber, very useful.


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