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Monday, July 20, 2015

What's up

What's on the wall this morning is all the blocks for #3 Ruby Garden Quilt,

I really like how the muted colors turned out on this one. 

I hope to get all the blocks sewn together and get that one off the wall so I can start working on # 4,

I know I haven't written much this past week but I have been busy. I did finish appliqueing a block for "Words to Live By"

 and I'm almost done with another.

I have been doing a little quilting on my 30's Sampler this week also.

I've been doing a little catch-up also on my RSC15. 

I'm about halfway done with the red which is this month 

but I still need to catch up on May and June
Today is my dad's 83rd birthday, and yesterday we had just a small gathering at mom and dads house to celebrate, so I hadn't done much over the weekend.
And update on Bob. 
He was able to come home from the Vet Saturday so I drove to Stillwater to pick him up. 
He's doing good. He's starting to be like his old self but one thing I notice and I guess it's from being gone for three days, is that he's very close to me. He will not let me out of his sight.

Laying in my lap a lot more than they used to. Sewing around him is a challenge too. 
He wants to be up there where I'm cutting on the cutting table or he wants to be near where I'm sewing. Wants me to pet him which can be kind of cumbersome.


  1. Lots of lovely projects there to see. And please give Bob a special pat from me - we have an elderly cat ourselves who is slowly going downhill and loves nothing better than sitting on a lap.
    Jenny from New Zealand

  2. What wonderful projects, love your fabrics a lot.

  3. What beautiful projects you are working on, I really love this version of the 'Ruby Garden Quilt'. Hope Bob continues to do well! :) x

  4. Everything is so beautiful!

  5. I love seeing that people still hand quilt. My mother is worried it will be a lost art.
    I also love the hand embroidery work on your quilt.

  6. Ooo!! Kat, I really, really like #3's coloring!

  7. I hope that Bon is doing well. All of your quilty things are beautiful! xx

  8. I enjoyed all your projects, congratulations on your dad turning 83yo. But I was wondering, what was the matter with Bob?? Glad to hear he's at home and being very clingy.


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