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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Day in my Happy Place

I had full intentions of sewing part of the day... seeing how the prediction was right for rain all day. But I starting to clean and couldn't stop, ended up in my sewing room and was able to organized quite a bit.

Boy, sure need to organize the fabric
It started out by cleaning up around the floor area.
Then I went over to the quilting books and decided to go through them, purged a few.

Decided next to clean off my sewing area and water my plants.
It looks really nice and clean now.

But from the next picture you can see all the stuff hidden underneath the table, which I did not get to.

Had the floss to return back to the main storage from embroidering the RG blocks
Seeing how cleaning out and organizing my sewing room was one of my goals for the year, I figured I better put a little more effort into it.
Need to organize my scraps. I have enough bins to put them in now... I just need to label which size go where and start sorting

So I have this little tub... I figure if I can do a little each day, I'll be able to get through the scraps without feeling overwhelmed.

I decided on one of the two remaining Ruby Garden quilts. Have the fabric picked out. These picks are with my middle daughter in mind ... 
she'll be next
But seeing how it's time for dinner and I need to put this up but will get to all the cutting tomorrow, seeing how again 
they'll predicting rain all day.

Besides the Ruby Garden's, need to catch up on RSC15, have May, June and July.


  1. You have made a very impressive start. I can see why it is your happy place, it is the perfect little sewing nook.

  2. Nice corner work space! That's a lot of fabric!

  3. It always feels like you are starting with a clean slate after a bit of cleaning in the sewing room. Looks great.


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