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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Did it again

I did it again, I got in that cleaning mood. The picture I took yesterday of underneath my sewing table drove me nuts. So first thing this morning I had it on my mind I was going to clean that up under there 

And I did, what do you think?
I like it... makes me happy
Now I have a spot for my current projects underneath my sewing area so I know where they're at when I'm ready to work on them. 
I  can't believe it, I also found a project that I have started when I first moved here to Oklahoma in 1994.

I had started cutting out from all my scraps, apple-core pieces.
Then I went to working again and as you know,  things happen, projects get put away.
I'll have to put that one on the list of to do's, this one is not on my current list of quilts started. 

Photo is a little washed out

 Got the strips cut for the Ruby Garden quilt and started sewing on them.
Next I need to get the containers with my colored scraps in here so I can start cutting up for the RSC15. 
We are supposed to get rain again tomorrow morning so I might be able to get a little bit more done as far as sewing goes in the morning

If not I'll be out in that garden trying to finish up the weeding

I've also been trying to collect projects that I want to add as my ones to finish and post as my FAL Q3 goals

Here are the ones I have. 

I have a red string quilt

Checkerboard shuffle made from 2 1/2 inch strips

The twisted blossom that I just started

I would like to get quilted and bound the two flying geese lap quilts 

and the Thangles lap quilt I just finished

The nested churn dash quilt also quilted and bound. 

Then some knitting projects to finish. 
I started some socks and want to knit this scarf for my daughter for Christmas. 

Not too bad, have 3 months to try to finish these.


  1. Wow, so many projects on the go, I would be overwhelmed. You are so good, I love the red string quilt for some reason it sang to me the colours and fabrics are a real delight. I have started on my Christmas gifts too.

  2. I do at times but doesn't seem to slow me down from starting something new. I have so many scraps to use up that's all I can think of lately, how can I use them. This year I did start early for Christmas, I messed up last few years

  3. What fun to find that 1994 treasure. Apple cores have been popping up quite a bit lately, so I'd say it's perfect timing to resurrect that one. :) So many fun projects here in a great range of styles. Enjoy your quarter - it'll be fun watching things emerge.

  4. I tend to store things under my sewing and project table so I made skirts for them and put them on with Velcro. Then when I want to work at one or the other, I just open it up and there is my 'stuff' and a place for my legs....right now my husband is painting at one of my tables, hmmm, I'm not sure why he has moved from his corner of the guest room.....produce has kept me out of there for the last few weeks...we've been canning....I like a morning without interruption to wok.
    Mama Bear

  5. That's quilt a list. Good luck with your goal's for this quarter.


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