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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Up For Air

I'm into my third and last week with these very active five year olds. I can take breathers (short) now, figure I would give a shout out to everyone. I am going through a need to touch base with adults.

I was able to finished crocheting the afghan of the American Flag.
I went with the design of the first one, 13 stars.

Been only able to do just a little hand stitching. By the time they go to bed, I'm too tired to even do mindless hexies.

Been able to do a little blog reading and finding it very soothing.

They are up now so I need to go for now. 
See you next week



  1. wow they sound kind of active - I always think we believe we have to watch grandchildren every second but when our children were kids they played, we did our stuff and activities and had time to do things - why do we think we have to watch the grandchildren every second they are with us?

    1. I try to send them out to play but they are so use to their mommy always around and thinking they have to play or intertant them. Your right about our kids played outside or own there own a good amount of time.

  2. They can be such busy bees at that age. Enjoy your family time, it goes all to fast it seems.

  3. How wonderful, despite the tiredness to be watching those adorable boys. We have little visitors next week, I am counting down the days. Exciting times.

  4. Isn't blog reading wonderful? It calms me down. Now you have an idea of how much good you are doing by blogging. Thank you, I really appreciate you sharing your creative world and other aspects of your life. You are doing a great job keeping up with all the strands of your life. I admire your approach to living. I admire how much you accomplish. Best wishes to those darling boys too.

  5. Great times! Love your blanket too, so creative!


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