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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Sashing and Nine Patches

 I finished cutting all the subsets for the nine patches.

As you can see, there are hundreds..... seeing how I'm making approximately 595 if I did my math right. So that makes 1,785 subset . . .  WHEW that is a lot, glad I didn't think about this before I decided to make this. 

It will remain my leader and enders 

Made one of each nine patches needed, 3 different styles..... had to see what they looked like. I'm a little giddy about getting the first step done and now it will start looking like something. 

While working I took a minute to snap a picture of the bird feeder outside my window. The Goldfinches are such a bright yellow, pretty little birds. 

Also seen a little later a young groundhog come up towards the house. Now this is unusual to see groundhogs so close to the house. They are very timid animals.

Let alone come up on the back patio.
He was a little bigger than a squirrel but he like the sunflower seeds too.  

This evening I was able to prep a little more  on sashing for this quilt that's a Blackbird design.


  1. We'd never make anything good if we thought it all the way through beforehand! Your appliqué blocks look wonderful! I've looked at that pattern many times.😊 Audrey

  2. That is a lot of 9 patches! They will make a good leaders and enders project.

  3. Wow, lots of tiny squares! The quilt will be wonderful I am sure.


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