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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Making sub strip sets

Tuesday I was in Tulsa all day. Had my hair cut and ran around town. Favorite part was shopping at Costco, I can always find items I didn't realize I needed.
Go without saying but I will, didn't get a thing done in the sewing room.
But I made up for it some today.

I finished up sewing 36 strip set which means I'm done with that step.

Now it's time to press and starch the strip sets, ready for cutting into 1 1/2 sub sets.

Had made approximately 140 strip sets. Cutting the strips would be tedious if done like I had in the past but now that I have the Go cutter, it has made this step so much easier and faster.

Here I press and put 3 strip together and cut into 7 1/5 section to fit on the cutting board. Loaded it up and cut. In just minutes I had around 80 subsets..

If I did my figuring right, should have enough for the 595  
9 patches needed and maybe a few extras.

Didn't get them all cut today but will tomorrow.

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  1. it does got faster with the Accuquilt doesn't it -

  2. I am in awe of all you get done in a day. Some beautiful fabrics.

  3. This looks like a very efficient system! For starching the strips, do you dip them in a solution or just use spray starch?

    1. I'm using a spray starch. Never have dipped before.

  4. So this is such wonderful and fast (seems to me) cutting. You like your machine I take it. I have debated out loud on my blog about getting one. It is all so pretty too. Good stuff!

    1. It had been a good investment. Really do like it and if I had more room I would of love to have the studio version but the Go is doing a good job.


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