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Monday, July 24, 2017

What's Up 7.24.17

My MoJo is back, in fact I just wanted to work in the sewing room all day. 
But I had other tasks on my list to do too like clean out the refrigerator, change and wash sheets on bed, vacuum... heck you get the idea.
Did tho in between all of that was able to get some sewing in.

Started with making freezer paper template for the sashing.

First I just used the one I made for both side and realized that it was off, not the same curves. Now I'm picky at times and this just had to be one of those times. If it wasn't for the fact that the look was frames around each block and they are side by side I thought there needed to be more even.
So I did a reverse of template. 

Like it so much more.
Only doing a few will tell.

Then worked on the leader and ender project that I have been working on the past year and pretty close to finishing the strip sets. 

Want to get the strips finished so I can cut the strips into 
1 1/2" subsets. That for making the multitudes of nine patches, a few hundreds. 
The working on 9 patches will be easier to to take to the retreat for my leader and enders.

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  1. Always a delight to visit, beautiful work.

  2. Lovely work on your projects! My mojo comes and goes in the summer but it is always nice to get it back, yes :)

  3. Oh, if only I had a fairy who would do all the housework so I could do all the fun stuff like sew! :) Glad you got your mojo back!

  4. Hope that the border making continues to go well because it is a great start!


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