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Monday, February 26, 2018

What's Up 2-26-18

Just now as I was writing the title it's hard to believe it's 2018,  I realize that it is 2018 but I still feel sometimes like it shouldn't.
Oh well that's life.
Friday after I finished Splash of Color, needed to figure out whats next so went to the stack of UFOs
Decided on Dreamy Hexagon.

this is where I left off. Had the center finished and was going to start on the borders. First one easy peasy as you can see

 Next border is square in a square.

Well I couldn't start on these until Sunday. I spent Saturday morning helping the "Man of the Place" and then another couple of hours trying to find the "square 2" ruler. Couldn't find it anywhere so I ended up driving to Sager Creek and purchasing a new and bigger one. The one I have goes up to 6" square but the larger one will go up to a 12" block.

These are 4' finished blocks and needed 36 of them.

Cut and started chain piecing yesterday.

And today I was able to get them completed and next to sew them on.

Seeing how there was a time there I figured I would have to wait to get the ruler because Saturday it poured down rain half the day.

Figured then I could quilt on last month RSC.
Being a donation baby quilt, great one to practice on the machine quilting skills, which are very poor because I just don't do enough yet.

Sprayed basted the layers together

Have an hour in so far and really not much improvement but I'll plug along.
I really do enjoy the process.

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  1. Love your hexies! So nice to get those UFO's closer to the finish line.


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