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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Splash of Color

Yesterday was the first day this week so far that I haven't had to go somewhere, thank goodness because we had bad weather that gave us a light covering of ice.

Good day to be inside and today will be another.

Besides cleaning and prepping more scraps.
I decided to work on the last RSC from 2015.

Needed to just make another half block and arrange them to my liking.

Easy sewing.......

Like the look but just not big enough, before border 53" x 60".

First thing a separating strip of the background fabric of 2 1/2"

Then came what to do next.
Thought about a piano strip or a brick stacked border.
But I just felt it would be too much for this pattern, so much color I think would draw my eye that way.

But I also thought just a plain border was not the way to either.
Played around and this is what I decided on.

Have mainly a plain border with sprinkle of the leftover color units.

Today I will assemble all this.

Now I plan to show the finished top later today if nothing changes.

Till then

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  1. There's been lots of slipping and sliding the last couple of days, especially in Tulsa. It's good that you were able to just hang out at home and get some sewing in. I really like your thoughts on the border. It's going to be very bright and fun.

  2. Oh bugger the ice ....... I like the look of the quilt here......

  3. What a great, colorful project. Can't wait to see what you do for the border!

  4. I think that's a great border choice - can't wait to see it all on. And congrats on getting a 2015 quilt finished!


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