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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

My Plans for the Week

I had planned out my week yesterday, with high hopes of getting a couple projects finished. 
That’s in-between doctor visits. Today is Moms and Thursday it time for "Pete the cat" to get a wellness checkup, he’s 12 years now.

With all that 
I hope to get the scrap yarn crochet blanket done
Right now it’s 82” long and figure maybe another 6”

Want it to fit a twin bed. 

Wish it had used up all the little balls in the stash box but not quite, don’t think there will be enough for another that size tho.

And the other big goal is to finish the the last two borders on the Dreamy Hexagon

Making good progress on this border and then all I have left is a plain one. 

These blocks end up being 12 1/2 unfinished and to get it that way the squares in the 16 patch were cut 2 5/8 and the outer triangle were from a 6 7/8 square cut in half. Working in eights can be a challenge to make it come out to right size. Normally I to have the unit/blocks slightly over size so I can trim it down to the right size
Think it’s doable

Today has been in the 50’s so was able to enjoy a fire in the stove but it won’t be to much longer where it will not be a fire 24/7 but maybe part of the day or every other day.
Those days are hard to keep the house a consistent comfy temp.

Saw this on Facebook and sent it to my youngest daughter

She loves cats and use to work for 10 years a Cat only Clinic
She has only 2 cats though but her house does resemble this cartoon.

Linking with Christine at stitch all the things  for the first time 


  1. Your rug looks just like the ones I make. I need to save up another year of stash to make another. I love them. Have a wonderful week.

  2. wow that is a wild crazy quilt you are working on

  3. I love you scrap yarn quilt, its so colorful! You've been making good progress on the Dreamy Hexagons. Hope your plan works out, sounds like you've got a busy week on top of the sewing stuff.

  4. That scrap yarn quilt is amazing ! Dreamy Hexagons is very pretty...wishing you well in regards to your progress this week

  5. Scrap yarn quilt is so pretty! I really love all of the different colors working together so beautifully! Your Dreamy Hexagons WIP is fantastic. I just love those fabrics so much! Thank you for linking up with To-Do Tuesday!


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