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Monday, March 19, 2018

What's Up 3-19-18

I haven't shown what is up on the design wall in a while.

Wouldn't of been able to last week because I was redoing it. Before I just had some flannel stapled to the wall

I took this picture a while back, before the rearranging of the room

Anyhow I used the flannel again, after a good washing and had to get some more to cover the new way. 
Which was so much whiter
Purchased some foam broads, 4' x 8' sheets which I cut in half. It was easier to handle plus it was the only way I could get it home in the car.

Now it covers a whole 8 ft by 8ft
Floor to ceiling. Having 4 sections that are 4 x 4 Had to cut out openings for the light switch and one outlet.

Not the best of jobs but it works and it should be covered most of the time anyway. So nice to have so much space to use now. And will not have to use tape if the quilt is bigger than the flannel was.

 Have up the Dreamy Hexagons

working on another one it's borders, 16 patches

The other part of the wall has the blocks finished and in the process of making using 2 1/2" strips. Remember I'm trying to find patterns using 2 1/2" strips seeing how I have so many.

It takes 9 blocks and have 2 completed, 3 cut out, with needing 4 more to decide on color arrangements

This one is ready to sew.


  1. don't you just love the big design wall - I'm so glad I have a wall like that too it just gives you so much room to be able to stand back and look at your work and see how it is going

  2. I think your room is better set up to stand back and look. Mine is 8x 12 and can stand back only 6 ft to see. But it is nice


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