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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Yeah a Finish and Newbie

Yeah A Finish

 In my last post I mentioned that crocheted blanket 
I started about 3 weeks ago and my goal was to use up all the small leftover balls of yarn I had, and boy do/did have.

Unfortunately it didn't take all the balls I had in this plastic container.

Did use over half of them tho.
Looks like I'll need make another.  Well I started another one this morning. I took it with me to the doctors office because mom had an appointment today. 

  The crochet blanket goes very fast.

It was made with two balls at a time, a light color and a dark color and a large hook. I used a size N/P

Bob sure likes to pose for the camera 


  1. pretty and will be warm too - great way to use those left over bits of yarn

  2. :D Look at Bob's toes in that first pic! So cool :)

  3. Love your through of many colors! What a great way to use up those leftovers.


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