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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Getting Excited

This morning I had an appointment to get a bone density test. Seeing how I turned 60, my doctor thought it would be a good time to have my first, a good baseline.

So while in Tulsa had lunch with "the Man of the Place" and a trip to Costco.
I should of made appointment to get my hair cut
I really need to get my hair cut. I had decided I would try my natural color, which is now a lot of grey. My hair grows fast and it was in need of being dyed every 4 weeks and I was getting so tired of doing that. It's been since last October that I last dyed my hair and it's about 4 to 5 inches of grey mix. I'm thinking about getting it cut to the grey. I'll have to take a before and after when I do get it cut.

This afternoon I spent some time sewing.

I said yesterday I thought I had made too many nine patches, well again I'm wrong. I still need enough to add to the front stack.

Did sew as much I had ready.

This is just part of the pile needing to be press but the ones I did press I started putting them up on the wall

I'm getting so excited now that it is starting to come together

This started out as a leader and ender a couple years ago. I am ready to get it finished and start a new leader and ender.

Bonnie Hunter came out with this years leader and ender's challenge

Good stash buster.

Not sure if I will join in tho, I have been cutting out Tumblers to be my next one

Tomorrow is Independence Day and I have no plans.
Need to display my Red, White and Blue quilts. Haven't done that yet.

Have You?


  1. Love the quilt your working on! All that scrappy goodness and plenty of negative space. I have been punching myself lately for feeling like I don't get enough accomplished, so I love reading that others don't mind the slow pace of completing a quilt.

  2. Thank you and I think my middle name is Slow...so stop punching and know we are alike. I loved your Ocean Wave and have been wanting to make one in blue for years. It will probably take me years to make one too.

  3. I stopped using dye on my hair a few years ago. Its amazing how much money you save and I actually like the different shades of grey mine is at the moment.

  4. I hate the hair dyeing battle too, but I'll keep up with it till I retire. You've made a lot of progress pretty quickly. It's a gorgeous quilt!

  5. This quilt is amazing! Those small pieces make it wonderful!


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