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Thursday, July 5, 2018

So Big

The more I work on this No Named quilt, the more it gets bigger.
I have been making this up from a picture seeing how I know of no known pattern. 

I'm getting to the part where I am finish putting together the blocks to assemble.

Decided to attach the sashing to each block, so much easier than adding rows of sashing.

Then I'll sew the row together then

I made enough blocks to be 5 blocks by 6 blocks

Figure I would start with rows of 6. That way I'll need to make 5 rows of 6 blocks.

The first row is sewn

Dang it's long........
Too long for my wall and it's 8 feet...
What have I've done.

Laid it out on the floor and measured,
it measured out to 110" already and will be larger because I'll need to 2 more 3" sections making it closer to 116" 
That's my guess.
Finally a quilt that will fit my King size bed.  I don't have one that fits the bed.

Yesterday I picked some of the first tomatoes 

all cherry tomatoes.
The greenish colored one are called chocolate something.
Don't look ripe but they are and were pretty tasty.

Also harvest 3 hornworms which I fed to the chickens.

We are suppose to get a little break in heat and humidity

I was raised in Sacramento, California and I'm use to the heat, not uncommon for temps to be in the high 90's and 100's but we had no humidity. It's the humidity the gets to me, could do without it. So I look forward to less mugginess.

It was okay enough this morning that I rode for the first time all week.  Felt good but so did the shower afterwards..

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  1. That is going to be a huge quilt, but they have to be for a king size bed. Happy stitching this weekend. I'm looking forward to a break in the humidity too. Hot's one thing, but add in that humidity and it's killer.

  2. This is my first time to visit your blog; I came upon it by accident. I just have to tell you that I made that same quilt in 2016! You can read all about my experience by clicking on the link that follows. Months after I finished mine, I saw in a magazine where someone else had made it also, and now I see yours in progress.

    Hope you enjoy your progress as much as I enjoyed mine. Yours is looking great! ---"Love"

  3. Such a pretty and unique quilt design!

  4. Love Love Love this quilt-in-progress! What a great scrap buster!!


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