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Monday, July 9, 2018

What's Up 7.9.18

I have had a busy past 3 days that I was too tired to write.
When I'm tired I have very short sentences and feel like it's just not a good post.

Friday I went to my parents house to play cards with my aunt and uncle who are here from Salt Lake. Mom is feeling good and so we had a good time playing a few games.

Saturday I did get a little time in the sewing room. Mom is going to make a quilt for one of the grand kids.
She has problems rotary cutting so I did it for her

Found this pattern in one of her magazine and purchase fabric at JoAnns

I cut, labeled and bag the pieces that way she should be able to find what she needs.

Then there is the hay.
It is that time of year we cut and bale hay. And my job is to help haul it out of the fields to the hay lane where it is kept till needed

I drove the "babe getter"  This truck "the Man of the Place" purchased new in 1978 and named it. He said all he had to do is drive this truck and the girls would come running, of course it was a joke. No where comparable to the muscle cars that were so popular during the 1970's.

It is not a good year for us. It's been so hot early this year and less rain so production is about half of what it was last year but that is okay because we are downsizing our herds. 
We have around 80 cow/calf pairs and 4 bulls and it is just getting to be a lot seeing how we are getting older not younger.

Then today I spent time on finishing the last 30's club quilt
The group is changing focus from the 1930's to Appliqueing 
After 10 years its time for a change.

I started and messed up

I cut the wrong size in the fabric that was suppose to be red not the blue or green that I have now

Since I'm changing it up and I have to decide which to use between the first and second picture.

The outer border will be in snow (off white)

Which one do you like?


  1. I like the last one, blue inside, green outside

  2. The second one appeals to me with the green towards the outside of the quilt. Looks nice.

  3. I also like the light blue on the inside. It is a beautiful quilt. ---"Love"

  4. My preference is for darker to be to the outside to kind of say, "OK, that's it. There's the middle and the end is near..." giggle!


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