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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

So Forgetful

I stopped working on the So Big Scrappy quilt to finish up the last 30's quilt. I so thought we were having our last meeting and have been trying to get it completed.

Well yesterday I knew it wouldn't be totally done (lacking border) but would still bring it as is.

I decided to go with the green inside and blue outer.

I assembled the four outer corners together and then the sides.
I wanted to have no Y seams and didn't by sewing it this way.

Once that was completed I was ready to put on the blue strips.

That was all I could do for now. While at the shop I would get some fabric similar to this fat quarter I had.

First thing before going to the meeting I went and had my hair cut. Seeing how I just took off about 3" of the colored hair I didn't bother with a before and after. Really no change other than somewhat shorter and very cleaned looking.

So after all that done I found out that the meeting was not to be this month, a break till next month.

That's is how it goes sometimes
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  1. This was a fun read. Your quilt is beautiful!

  2. Well at least you made a lot of progress and now you have time to finish. Things happen that way sometimes.

  3. It is a beautiful quilt! ---"Love"

  4. I love 1930's fabrics and I love your sampler! Amazing blocks. Well done!

  5. Very pretty! Well, at least you are ready for next month, so not having a good memory isn't all bad.


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