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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Some finishes

I have some Friday finishes....shock...shock

Being home bound I've been working on a little bit of this and that so my finishing will reflect that.

I did get the first two days of Arne and Carlos mystery KAL
Had to take a break though because my wrist was starting to hurt a little. This weekend I do another one or two. I'm behind 3 squares

For the longest time I have been meaning to cleaning out my little fan that I use every night. I just have to have a fan on me at night.
It sure collected a lot of lint and cat fur. 

Took a little paint brush, in fact the same one I use to clean out my sewing machines bobbin case.

Looks like new now. I feel better too, I was afraid that somehow all that stuff could catch on fire. I don't know
if it really could but it would still freak me out at times thinking it could.

Sweet dreams now 

Then while still working in the master bedroom, the wall lamps I ordered a while back finally were mounted.

The "man of the place had a clip light on the headboard on his side and over time it chipped off some of  the paint on the wall.
Wasn't even sure if I had paint leftover to touch up the wall.

Yeah..... I did
But boy has it been awhile since I've painted the bedroom.
13 years
Dang time fly's

Looking good.

It wasn't to hard to mount the lamps to the wall, a lot easier than I thought.
Did it myself mind you
Looks so much better now.

I love this quilt, one of my favorites. I have only 2 so far that I've made King size, which our bed is.

Lastly is the binding is finished on ____ Kaffe Fassett quilt I purchased as a kit and have idea the name of it.
So soft and mellow for his style, really like it.

Till next time stay healthy and calm,
this all will be past us someday.
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  1. Yes, it feels good to get some long time projects finished/worked on! Good job, and keep up the good work! Nothing wrong with a good stay-cation.


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