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Sunday, May 20, 2012

They are Here

Ben @ 5lbs. 11 oz & 19" and Blake @7 lbs 6 oz. & 19 3/4"
I have been so preoccupied with the fact that the little guys are here. My daughter delivered Thursday night and all went very well. I can not put into words all that I feel, I am not the one in the family who is the writer, my daughter is. So I am going to give a link to her blog because she was able to put her experience so eloquently into words plus she has more pictures. But I'll tease you with this one.
The only thing I can say is I just wished I lived closer, 1200 miles is such a far way away. I would of liked to have been able to just of been able to be here when needed. I feel it would of been easier on everyone but no one knew when they would be here and now that they are I just can't get enough of them. And to know that I used up most of my time and will have to go back home and not be able to just drive up anytime and see them is hard. I envy the other Grandparents or any Grandparents who can, I hope you know how lucky you are. I need to learn how to do Skype, that way I can at least see them via technology. You have to love that technology stuff.
I can wait till "the man of the place" now Grandpa can see them.
He will just fall in love with them too.
Well I'm off to go see the little guys and oh ya hold them, I got to hold Ben last night for the first time. Today will be Blake's turn, if you read Laura's post, she explains why.
Till next time


  1. Parabéns e muita saúde e felicidades para toda a família.E só para constar...ser avó é tudo de bom e mais um pouco.beijos.

  2. congrats.... I'm far away from my mom too, I'm in NC she's in Denmark....

  3. Wonderful, wonderful!!! Wishing you and your daughter's little family many blessings. I know what a joy grandchildren are and what a heartache it is to live so far away. Don't worry I'm sure you will find a way to bridge the miles.
    Hugs and smiles all around.

  4. Congratulations! The little babies are adorable and so glad mom and babies are doing fine. You will be an awesome grandmother for these babies even though you live far away. Skyping is a great idea!

  5. welcome to the boys and glad everything went well.....

  6. What sweet little boys, and how lucky you are that you have gotten to be with them when they're so tiny and new. Congratulations to all of you. :)

  7. Kat, what a blessing! I am the mother of grown-up twins, and my 2 grandbabes are half grown and living in Sweden -- an ocean away. My daughter and I email sometimes several times a day, and my 12 year old grand daughter has become a fabulous letter writer. It will all come together! So wonderful that you are getting to hold them so soon after their arrival.

  8. Congratulations on the birth of your precious Grandsons!
    I can think of no greater joy!
    Happy to hear you were able to be there for their birth.


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