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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cool Egg Stuff

I have been spending a lot of time looking and holding the twins that I haven't doing much of any thing else. But today I went to get the babies a stroller and car seats, and we took a detour to Home Goods store. I wish we had one of these in Oklahoma. The closest one is in Texas or  Hot Springs Arkansas. Great prices. 
I found these cute egg cooking implements 

This one is for cooking a single egg that will fit perfectly on a English muffin or bagels.

And these two are just too cute, love the grumpy face on the egg, left one is a separator and the right one is for mashing hard boiled eggs for egg salad. It said you can mash potatoes but I think it would have to be an awful small potato. I think it will look cute just standing up on the counter

Little note on the twins, they are still in NICU but are making good progress. Blake is eating more and was bigger at birth and still is bigger, Ben is smaller and doesn't eat as much, gets most of his food in his feeding tube but we have seen a big improvement in just the past 24 hours. Mom had go back into the hospital yesterday because she had fluid in her lungs and BP was up but they talking about sending her home tomorrow. Maybe Blake can come home in a couple of days. Unfortunately Ben will be some time later. Will see 

Till next time


  1. Good news on the twins and their Mom....Praise that they're all doing well...
    You must collect things that are chicken or egg related..
    Honey Bear's chicken tractor production has stalled, not sure why, guess other projects have gotten in the way.
    Mama Bear

  2. I love those egg stuff. I had the egg skillet and I must warn you to be careful. Always use a towel or pot holder while cooking eggs. Even the egg part gets extremely hot! I once grabbed the handle and burned my hand badly and the skillet dropped to the floor scorching the cheap linoleum.

  3. Oh....that is just wonderful about the twins. Loved the egg stuff too.

  4. If you can find an Atwoods, try there for the egg stuff, I think I have also seen them at Tractor Supply.

  5. Have you ever made a reusable bag from a chicken feed sack? I am going to try this tutorial today:
    Glad to hear the twins are doing good!


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