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Friday, May 4, 2012

Missing Home

I have been here in California now for 10 days and as much as this place had been birthplace and home to me for 36 years, I find that what I have now in Oklahoma I miss dearly. I miss my husband aka "the man of the place" and all we have there.
We are all still on baby watch. My daughter has been admitted to the hospital on bed rest until the boys are born.
I was going through pictures I took at home and came across all the pictures of the different types of Irises we have on the place. Have nine different large Irises and remember the one mini Iris from a couple months ago, that makes ten.
A beautiful collection

Since I was not the one to plant them I do not know the name of all the varieties, wish I did.
They are very nice even without names.
Till next time


  1. The house where I grew up in St. Paul MN had purple iris and yellow iris. The purple ones smelled like grape bubblegum. They were so pretty and a for sure symbol of spring. I miss them.

  2. Those have always been my favorite flowers :) Gorgeous...

  3. My mom grew irises when I was a child. I knew to admire them and not pick them!
    Wish your daughter well from me. I've made your May block for Stash Bee. You can see it here!
    We are all thinking about you and sending you good thoughts. ;-)


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