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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to make a T-Shirt Necklace/Scarf

Last month before I came to California I was at the Muskogee Quilt Show and one of the workshop offered was how to make a scarf from an old T-Shirt. Anything that has to do with recycling just get my interest, so I just had to go check it out. Now it was the one of easiest and cool idea I've seen in a while. I had never seen anything like this but when I went toYouTube I found there are a few video on how to make one but they were different then the way I was shown.

What you will need is a T-Shirt that has no side seams.
My shirt is an XLG.

 You will cut off the hemmed bottom

 Then you will need to cut strips 1 inch wide. Now I did mine with a rotary cutter but you could use scissors

 I ended up with 15 strips, but it will vary with the shirt you used.

 Now you will stretch the strips and when you do they will roll.

 See, it rolls into a rope like look.

 This is what mine looked like when all have been stretch.

Now when you have yours done you can check out this youtube video to give you several way to wear  them.

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