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Monday, October 15, 2012

What's Up Monday

It's hard to believe it is Monday already, "the Man of the Place" was home on vacation last week and we were able to get away for a few days but like many vacations it goes by too quickly. We went to the Civil War battle site

Shiloh in Tennessee. 

It is an amazing park with so much to see and learn. If you haven't been there you ought to look it up and see if that is something you to might be interested in. We wish we had bicycles because the park is so big and there is a self guided tour around the site you drive but bikes would of  been a fun way. 

So what am I going to try to work on this week; 
things for the boys.

Have one of the little dogs completed and still need to put the other one together  
 Do you notice that one is bigger than the other, I guess I relaxed some on the second one because my stitches are slightly larger.

Then I had bought these flannel panels a while back to make for the "little dudes". 

I'm going to back it in another flannel and add rick rack around the edge. The rick rack will be in different colors so each has their own.

Now on to my To Do List
This was the last one I did before "the Man of the Place" vacation and I wasn't able to completed a lot of it, so I am just adding those items to this week To Do List

I did get done number 1, 5, 6,9 and 10.
Not too bad, half of the list


  1. Get my mammo in January on my birthday every year.
    Thanks for the reminder!

    Love the to do lists. I have perpetual lists on the back of envelopes that the bills come in!

    And you can put the coupons inside the empty envelopes!

    glen: not that I remember they are there when I am checking out.......

  2. Love the panels, so cute. Canning apples, yummy you're house is gonna smell so good :)


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