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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Glutton for Punishment

I guess I am just that. 
(Update here, I making this my November NewFO. Click on link to see the others)

 Bonnie Hunter is doing another mystery and I hadn't joined in before and glad I didn't because they were a little to busy of a pattern but this time she saids "First off – this mystery will NOT be as intense as the last two years have been.  You can rest a bit easier on that factor alone.  I’ve worked really hard the past couple of years and so have you.  I thought we needed a fun break that will still use up a lot of stash in a very fun and beautiful quilt.  And that is how we find ourselves on EASY STREET!"

On my side bar I put her button, so if you wish to join in too.
Now I am not following her color choices because I just don't have a stash large enough in those colors but I do have a great deal of 1800's reproduction fabrics.
Here is my choices

The reds look more brown than red.
The first clue is to make 4 patches and I haven't made mine yet. 


  1. Welcome to the dark side! I did my first Bonnie Hunter mystery (and quilt) last year, and I'm now hooked. You will love it. I did the Orca Bay quilt, my largest quilt ever and the fastest as well. Only 10 weeks from start to finish!

  2. Easy Street will by my first mystery quilt, too. In fact, it will be my first or second large quilt. I have started another, but we will see which one gets finished first. :)
    It will be fun to see all of the blog posts showing the progress of everyone's Easy Street.
    Happy Stitching!

  3. Hi!!! Your fabric choices look great!!! I am so new to quilting and at this time of year, just not quite ready to jump in yet!!! But I am so looking forward to following along and hopefully I can do it later or wait for the next one!!! Keep having fun!!!

  4. Your quilt will be beautiful in those colours. Looking forward to the next clue.

  5. HI, I don't see an email address for you but I would love to know where I can purchase the embroidery design you have above, Happy Quilting. Thanks.
    Maria hcmquilter@verizon.net

  6. Lucky Duck :) I was oh, so tempted to join in on Easy Street.


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