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Thursday, November 15, 2012

November is becoming a blurrrr

Day 1

That's me
I was checking some of the blogs I follow before I got my hiney up from this chair and saw Judy's post at Patchwork Times how it is the first day of November's quiltathon. Like Judy it came up on me. I am like an ostrich with my head buried. I planned on working on a few things this weekend for a change because you see it's hunting season here and "the man of the place" with be out in the woods and not here. Which means I will be in my sewing room.
But I will have to throw in a few other projects that I need to do or started already that are not quilt related. What the heck, I little added spice to the mix.
So I'll be back after a while with some progress to show, of what, I'm not sure yet. I have so much do which  makes it harder sometimes to decide what to do first. Especially when you think more than one should be first.

Well after working on some of the things I have already started, one was the salt dough foot prints I had done before I left the "little dudes" last week

I used a salt dough recipe that I've used years ago when I would make Christmas tree ornaments.
It's  1 cup flour
     1 cup salt 
      1/2  cup water
Mix it all together and knead the dough until very smooth. Once you do what you want, bake in a low temp. oven 200 or less for at least 4 hours. I baked my for around 10 hours. I wanted it thoroughly dry. Paint and/or apply clear sealer.

Then I planted my Amaryllis bulbs. I had intended to have them bloom around Christmas but I'm late for that. It take 6 - 8 weeks for them to bloom. But none the less they will brighten up the house in the middle of winter. I have two
If you are wanting to learn more about Amaryllis start here

As far as sewing goes, I had to get another back sewn for a top I had finished last year.
I had taken 3 quilts to get quilted already this week and besides this one I have 3 more to get the backs ready.
Like I said earlier I had other projects and these were them. I will work on Ben's stocking tonight and get busy on binding the two quilts tomorrow.
Till tomorrow


  1. You're not alone! My "to-do" list for Christmas sewing and quilting projects is almost the size of a telephone book! Nothing like a little self-induced pressure...giggle...good luck with your list!

  2. I guess I'll have to join the club also...I've decided next year I'll start making Xmas gifts in January.


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