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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How I did last month

How did I do? 
Well I guess it depends on what I'm considering, the garden, weightloss and health, quilt projects, etc.
My garden has had such a setback in planting and such with this unusual spring we are having here. Normally the last frost date is around the 10th of April but here we have had a couple of nights that were frosted and they are predicting the possibility of another freeze Friday morning. Needless to say I have hesitated from planting the tomatoes and other warm loving veggies. 
My heel is finally starting to get better but only because I have been limiting myself from being on my feet which means I haven't been back to my daily walks. So I pretty much stay the same last month.
Now for my Get-R-Done's for last month.

1. 30's Row Quilt - done  

2. Christmas String Quilt -  have all the pieces made and I'm now assembling them - almost done

  3. My daughter's Quilt - top done, basted and I'm now quilting by hand.

4. Pea Ridge Lily - is still being prepared, I wanted enough ready to applique on this month- done

Overall I have done well, a lot better than my garden or weight loss.

Now I need figure out what I think I can or want to get done this month.
May can be a very busy month around the farm so I'll have to take that into consideration. 


  1. Wow! Love your pea ridge lily.:)

  2. That quilt by hand quilt is really going to be something. Thanks for sharing all these with us. Good luck getting thing done in May.

  3. The quilts are looking beautiful. It's fun to watch the progress!

  4. making a realistic goal, what a concept! Makes sense, though I so seldom do it. Hope you get all done in May that needs to be.

  5. Nice Git R dones! I really love the Christmas string quilt ... :) Pat


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