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Monday, May 20, 2013

Little Dudes 1st Birthday Party

The main reason for coming to California was to celebrate the "little dudes" 1st birthday.
It was a wonderful party and their mother's did a fantastic job in creating a fun party.

The theme they pick was Construction Zone.
From the cake to activities for the kids was so very creative.
I wanted to share some of the clever ideas they had.

My daughter took a sheet cake she purchased at Costco and added some of her own additions. She put a couple of toy Cat trucks on top and added crumbled up Oreo cookies minus the centers.

Refreshments were served in toy trucks.

Fruit kabobs were named Rebar.

Chex mix was called Gravel

Dip was Concrete  Mix and chocolate covered donuts were Truck Tires.

Activities for the kids were bubbles, trucks and these.

Small sandbox with construction truck.

They took boxes and covered with plain paper and drew what looks like bricks. The kids would stack them up and then with a soccer ball inside a garbage bag strung up from a tree, which would be the wrecking ball.

They had so much fun.

The little dudes had safety vest and hard hats but they would not keep hats on.

I made the boys their vests and put their name on the back, the boys looked so cute.

They had made a frame for guests to have their picture taken.
All the kids received a hard hat with their name and then had prop hats for the picture taking.
So cute.

Then the Happy Birthday banner was strung up from highchair to highchair.

Ben just loved the colorful felt letters.
Happy Birthday my little grandsons.


  1. A great party for two lovely boys.

  2. What a cute idea for a party, and what cute children, too!

  3. What a great theme for a party. Looks like they had tons of fun!


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