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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Here we go again

Hopefully this will be the last bout of arctic cold front, the high today was 17 with a wind chill of -3 and  in the morning the wind chill will be around -12.   
I did as little as possible outside, tended to the girls.
What I ended up doing was working on our taxes and we were able to get them completed and ready to be sent off.
And it was a perfect day also for a pot beans and ham, with of course a batch of corn bread. Now that is what I call comfort food.

So now it's some TV time, hot chocolate and knitting.
I figure I'm undecided and will work on two projects this evening. I have a scarf I started for a friend and do not have much more left.

Then the sweaters for the "little dudes" are also close to be being done but doubt if I'll get them completed tonight.

The first one is almost completed
I need to lengthen the sleeves and sew it up, as you can see I had just pinned it together so I could try it on the boys. Isn't Ben cute.
I had someone ask me for the pattern I am using to make these and this is it.




  1. The sweater is adorable but not as cute as he is!

  2. Enjoy your stitching today! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Oh, what cute "little dude" sweaters. And a cute "little dude" too. I'm surprised he cooperated with modeling. How sweet is that!

  4. I love that pattern, have the directions and have no idea how to make it so it fits my grand daughters. Any suggestions? Did you just start with the pattern and knit away and then try on? And, he is definitely too cute for words!


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