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Saturday, March 1, 2014

My New Year

It's my birthday today and as the years have added on, I look at my birthday more as the beginning of a new year then just a day to celebrate my birthday. So as I sit and write this I can only think back over my last year and what direction I hope to see myself in a year from now. 
The start of a new year makes me excited about what I can accomplish and the experiences that will happen. 
And here in the United States the majority of us have been dealing with a cold long winter, myself included.
 Boy am I ready for spring and starting this years growing season. One of my excitements for this new year is to expand my garden space. I want to start my kitchen garden / potager. I just love that word, potager.  
Potager Garden Definition: (pronunciation: puh ta zhay) a garden that combines both edible and ornamental plants; a vegetable garden that is utilitarian in nature but designed with beauty in mind; much like an English kitchen garden, but often formal and symmetrically designed in the French fashion. 

something like this but higher deer proof fence needed.
I'll need "the man of the place" help with the construction of such a fence. I've given it some thought and thought I would try to start small with the ability to expand.
I did go out this afternoon to see what the veggie patch looked like.
With these arctic blasts we have had the past few months and the "little dudes" here I hadn't been out there. 
It is just crying for my attention.

You see what I mean, I should of had most of this clean and more mulch added by now.

 This is the bed that made it through the first part of the winter and sometime while the boys were here, when I was not going out to the garden and harvesting the wind blew the covers off and exposed the plants. As you can see, I lost the swiss chard, bok choy and turnips.

The spinach on the other hand lived through my neglect. Spinach is one tough plant. There is a touch of freeze damage to the tips of leaves but they are still thriving.


The girls were enjoying some new turf to scout out.

The strawberries did not fare as well as the spinach. I should've covered them with a thick layer of straw. That is usually what I do each winter. Looks like I will have some thinning out to do. It did need it though. I just planted the bed this past spring and it really took off on me. I wasn't that please with the variety I had planted. Can't remember what they were at the moment but 
I had a variety called Jewel before and loved them. Big fruit and very productive. I should plant another bed of them. Can't beat strawberries fresh or frozen.

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  1. Happy birthday! Hope your new year is all you wish for. Your garden looks like mine only three times the size. My problem is drought not cold and so the winter garden didn't get enough water and languished. I just didn't plan on irrigating in the dead of winter! We have cut back drastically on garden expansion plans because of the drought and won't be planting as much as I had hoped because we won't have the water.


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