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Thursday, March 13, 2014

My word for this year

 Cheri Gregory

Have you noticed the past few years others talking about what their word is for the year or maybe you are doing a word for the year. I had seen others pick and talk about their word last year and thought that was a cool thing and something I wanted to try. But the days got passed me and I didn't pick a word and to be honest I really didn't fully understand the purpose behind it, so it just went by the wayside last year
So I thought this year with my new year goals (birthday) I was going to pick a word for myself to work on. I decided I needed to do more focusing,
 so focus it is my word.
In the process of thinking about what would be my word for this year, I did some research on the Internet to understand more about the purpose behind this one word. When I came across this book called "My One Word". 

Product Details
My One Word
I thought okay I'll read this and see if it can give me a little insight to what it's all about.
I'm glad I read it because it did give me some insight to what is floating around out there about their one word. I found it compelling, inspirational, and something that I think can help me grow as a person through this next year.
So focus is my first one word. 
I'm going to start with focusing on my family and health. Then I'll see what happens, where I end up. 
If you haven't done it yet it's never too late you can start now or months from now which ever and just focus on this one word for a year. If you want to know more just Google my one word and see what comes up. After reading what you find and if it's something that you could embrace, give it a try, I think it's a good idea 


  1. Hi!!! Love your word for the year!!!! I have not chosen this year but have the last three years...starting with believe,hope,and dance!!!!! Last year my word Dance as in enjoy only carried me so far...I had to really struggle due to situations...but I guess not so bad...I can't imagine if I hadn't been trying so hard!!! So I think you just helped me decide I need to keep the word Dance!!!!! Thank You and I love your pic of the little kitties!!!! awe hugging!!!! Too sweet!!!!

  2. How very wonderful your word is!! I admit it took me quite a while myself this year to choose my word ... by really, when trying to do something meaningful, shouldn't it take a little longer than the snap of a finger? Great job Kathleen!! Thank you for sharing your word, the book and the inspiration!!


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