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Monday, March 3, 2014

It's Monday and What's up

I can finally say "what's up". I've looked it up and it was almost 3 months ago since the last time I shared what I've been up to. Beside that I have to admit that I am very rusty at writing. I'm not a born writer and it has been a journey for me. It has taken me on the last two posts, over two hours just to write those short post. I would love to have the talent of writing and speed on the keyboard like so many other bloggers have. So bare with me as I get up on this bicycle again. 
Today is a very cold day (5 degrees) with a wind chill in the minus degree and a winter wonderland.
The only green to be seen is in my morning green drink

Part of my new year focus is to be more delegate at getting healthier and to lose this weight that I have gained. For my birthday "the man of the place" gave me a vitamix mixer. My little mixer couldn't handle making smoothies and I have fallen in love with drinking my raw veggies. For me the best gift is one that is useful and will improve my life somehow.
And the gift I gave myself is the Fitbit Flex (not Force which can cause rashes for some). 

It is a device that keep tracks of your activity and calories (in and out). It will also track your sleep and tell you how many times a night you are restless and how efficient that night sleep was. Tracking what one eats and whether or not you are burning as many calories as consuming is the key to losing.
Right now my goal is 10,000 steps and once that can be achieved than I'll increase my goal. Its a challenge being stuck inside but by the end of the week, here in NE Oklahoma we'll be in the 60's. 
Go figure
I plan on being out in the garden getting it ready for planting by then.

But for today while I'm stuck inside, this is my project/task.

This room, my happy place, is not so happy right now. Before the "little dudes" came in January I was deep cleaning a good portion of our home. I was able to give a lot of the stuff I was purging away but there was also a lot of sewing/knitting stuff in those rooms.

Well normally they belong in this room so that is where I haphazardly toss in here,
Which is so obvious by looking at the pictures.

What a mess, this is my cutting table or was.
I probably won't get much more done than cleaning it up and finding stuff but if I do, I'll share any progress I get done. 
There are a few things I want to get back to. Right now the main thing is to find them, they are in there somewhere.

Looking at this I realize I have way too much. And for me to not purchase another item because I just want it should be another goal to have for my new year.
I have been for the most part in that mode this past year except when it came to the grandsons. Just couldn't control myself, I was weak and gave in.
But there are enough projects for them in that room somewhere that I should be pretty busy for a spell. 

Need to get to work, this took again over two hours to write.


  1. Funny that you are tackling that project. I too am diving into my very messy bedroom closet (the only place to store craft items (no room that here), and purging my utility room. I have already filled a garbage bag, and a box to donate. I don't have the fitbit band, but I do have the small one you put on your shoe.

  2. So happy you came back to blog land and even shared your sewing space :) I just got mine mainly straight ( have 1 box to go through in the next week and I am DONE!) :) I love that you have plants in your sewing space... I do too! Kathi

  3. Dear Kat,

    my sewing place looked like yours and I've made up my mind beginning of this year that I will not buy anything this year, because I have so much that I don't know what to play with any more. No new toys this year, and so far I have been successful and have been able to sew a lot. You will see it works and it is a lot of fun too. Kind of what patchwork is all about, to work with what you have and make it look pretty.

  4. After "moving house" in December, I'm still unpacking--but I've at least got my sewing room up and running. It's a mess except to me; it's going to take a lot of organizing to fit into the new, much smaller space! I have moved a lot of things on to new homes, in fact I've totally given up one hobby, scrapbooking, and am selling all my supplies. Not ready to stop knitting, quilting, or embroidery yet though! I have the small Fitbit that clips to my pocket and I really enjoy tracking my activities on it. It's a good motivator!

  5. Thank you for slogging away at your writing; the result is great! Your blog makes me and your other readers happy, and hopeful that we'll all tidy up and complete our projects (and be fit) and I hope it makes you happy, too. You inspire me with so many good ideas!
    from California


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