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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Day 3 Sew-a-thon (with updates)

I was so excited to get started this morning that here it is 9:30 and 

I have fed the chickens, 

the cows,

did some laundry, the dishes, straightened up, 

and even started on one of my blocks.

I do not anticipate any interruptions, but you know how life is, so we'll have to wait and see.
My goal to complete what I had put in the big tub. Not necessarily meaning I needed to finish each project that I put in there. Like example the churn dash, I had three blocks prepared and that's all I expected myself to do was those three blocks. And then go onto another project that I had either started or catch up on.

So far that has been working out very well for me.
But I was thinking is that the way I should be doing it? What would you do?
Would you try to complete each project before going onto the next one or would you just do what you had prepped and then continue on from there. I'm really curious about that.
Again I will post update up in the title when I come back with something to show. 
Till then. 
bad picture

I did get the two Nested Churn Dash blocks completed

 so now I have seven out of the nine but the other two I haven't prepped yet so I will get those cut sometime in the near future. 

Then I started on working on my Pea Ridge Lily blocks that I need to complete. Out of 42 blocks, I am left with 10 to finish.

Last Update

My 3 days are at an end and this is what I had left in my tub. When I gather stuff to put in the tub it was mainly what I had laying around my sewing room when I had cleaned it up Monday.
That's were the idea of a sew-a-thon.

I was able to complete most of the projects started.
Did not get all the Pea Ridge Lily's prep. 

I did not have enough blue flower cut out and need to search for fabric.

And never did get to prepping the blocks to applique on my "Words to Live By"

 Then I forgot I had put in the tubs projects I haven't started yet but want to for Christmas gifts.

Cloth books for the boys.

A couple of Wall Hangings

Then I had a pattern, book and ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful. 
Love the look her ruler makes and fell in love the Urban Nine Patch. So I guess I had that laying out cause I wanted to make that next and it needs to be my NewUFO

Well that was fun and maybe I can get back on track of finishing these projects. Have a couple days of cutting and prepping  the one I didn't finish.
This is the time of year I get to do most of my sewing and I had a taste these past few days and I'm wanting more now.
Thank you for all the nice comments and support. I hope some of you were able to get some sewing done too. 

Good Night


  1. I work on what is prepped and then if I am still enjoying the process I will prep more of the same. Then I move on to a second project and work on it. Sometimes I work on two at the same time using one as the leader ender project.

    1. I thought about that with what I was doing today but I had put the fabric in the garage and needed to go find it, so I decided to just go on to another project. I need to also get more cut for my leader ender project. I think I just nee to devote a couple of days to cutting and prepping

  2. Your nested churn dash is looking pretty! I have lots of totes filled with projects too! I tend to jump from one to another depending on my mood, and then every once in awhile, I just go and start finishing them one at a time for awhile. As a reward for finishing a few, I love to start a new project and take it from start to finish.

    1. Your like a kinder spirit, except I have containers instead of totes.

  3. I have a tendency to work on a project until it is finished before starting the next.

  4. I applaud your industriousness! My major accomplishment for today has been to get up before breakfast. :-)

    As far as projects go, you really need to be aware of your own ability to focus and/or be distracted and your need to fully complete a project for the satisfaction of finishing it or needing to flit from project to project so you don't become bored with any specific one.

    I *try* to have a limited number of projects going at one time. I try to have a machine piecing project that I can work on during the evening when my family gathers to watch TV *in my sewing room*! I have a longarm quilt on the frame, but that's in a completely different room and I know I need to be able to focus on that quilting .. no simultaneous TV watching! I also have a handwork project going on, but that's strictly for when I'm away from home. Those handwork projects are what I call my "Forever Projects", as I really don't care when they get done ... they exist to keep my hands busy in the car, at appointments, Little League games, visiting family. ;-)

    That's the *goal*.

    But that doesn't mean that I don't HAVE multiple machine piecing projects going on. I *do* have several machine piecing projects right now because I would see something that immediately became my NEWEST MOST FAVORITE PROJECT! :: sigh :: But I also know that having all those machine piecing projects being worked on means that if I flit from one to another, none of them really get any appreciable progress made. So, I really do try to limit how many I have going on at one time.

    But that's just me. You need to do what suits your personality.

    1. I can so relate to to you. Don't have a longarm but I do a lot handwork while what TV.

  5. Those church blocks are fantastic!

    If it's working for you, Kat, you are doing exactly the system you should be! I completely understand the need to have variety to move amongst. A lot of people don't - but the beauty of the world is that we're all different. Especially when you're doing more complicated projects like those fabulous nested churn dashes, it can really drag you down and impede progress to limit yourself to one or two projects only. So I never have less than 5 different quilt projects at various stages and styles (a couple of machine piecing, free-motion quilting, hand work, etc., and separate BOM projects for Sundays only. . . for example) . To some people it's chaotic, to me it's welcome pools of fresh interest. As long as I keep myself organized in my cyclical work on them, it results in really good progress on the set of projects, with a continuous stream of finishes. You just have to find an organization style that keeps the work cyclical and moving forward instead of start-something-and-forget-it-for-many-years stuff starting to happen. :)

    1. Thank you and I can appreciate what you are saying. One of these days I ought to make a list of all my projects.

  6. And that was "Those churn dash blocks are fantastic!" - not "church" blocks (huh???)

  7. Lovely projects, you have gotten done so much.
    I always switch between preparation and sewing on multipe projects at a time.

    1. Thank you very much. I enjoyed just focusing on this for these past few days.

  8. I love your nested churn dash blocks! So pretty and very contemporary with the yellow and gray. Are you using a pattern or doing the math yourself?

    1. Thank you, I think it is turning out pretty too.
      There is a pattern for it but I didn't discover it till after I had spent time figuring it out. I wish I would of found it first but you can go here to get a pattern;



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