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Monday, November 17, 2014

What's Up (with updates)

As you can see from my design wall I have nothing on it this morning.

I just finished straightening up my sewing room, after at least a month of chaos.

I am ready now to kick butt.
So I'm going to have a sew-a-thon, and for the next three days I am going to do nothing but sew. 

Oh maybe a little straightening up the house and cooking of course.
But to be honest I have really very little cooking I need to do seeing how that's all I did for the last three days. I have make beans, 2 batches of soup, and a roast.
So I have plenty of leftovers.

After straightening up the room I compiled all my UFO's and current projects that I have been working on the pass few months. Now that is what I'm going to work on during my personal sew-a-thon.  Seeing how the weather outside is in the 20s and doesn't plan to get much warmer for the next two days what a perfect time to spin sewing
I will post pictures of my progress throughout the next three days; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Now if anyone else wants to join in and have a sew-a-thon with me, leave a comment down at the bottom with a link to your blog or your Facebook page or a picture and I will post them.

Back with you in a few a hours to see what is up on my design wall. 

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First Update

I am now up to date on my 1/4 Log Cabin RSC14.  Had to get Oct. and Nov. blocks completed. 

Now it's on to this next months (Dec.) BOM for the 30's club at Sager Creek Quilt Shop.

Goal to have that completed before dinner.
Two blocks sewn together and the other two machined appliqued.

Back this evening

Last Update for today

Did get the 4- 30's blocks completed and forgot to change my needle again. Would look better I think if I would of.

Cut strips for binding for a large quilt.

Than put up on the wall last months stash buster quilt. 

Work on this while watching Bonnie Hunter on her quilt-cam. 
It's been a good first day.

Be back tomorrow for day two, hope you come back to see what I can get done. Maybe join in, Charlene is.


  1. I had planned on joining you but life took a turn. DH asked me to drive him and Dsd#2 to the dentist. But I will be sewing along on Tuesday.

  2. Wonderful Charlene, not the emergency trip to the dentist but wanting to sew along with me. I wish I had a set up like Bonnie H. and others where we could be watching the others progress. Like facetime, But I'll be very happy to know you are out there sewing along. You can link your blog if you have one or send pictures to my email. Just click on m profile and then email and it should pop up . If not let me know. Till tomorrow then

  3. Oh what a luxury to have 3 days of just sewing. I really admire you. Wish you lots of fun with all these beautiful projects. They look great.

    1. Thank you Sylvia, it is really nice to have these days to just sew. It doesn't happen often enough. But with the extreme cold outside and no obligation outside the home it just seem to be the thing to do. Hope you can some time like that in the near future.

  4. Wow, impressive sewing continuously for three days on beautiful projects.

    1. That's sweet, don't know if what I'm doing is impressive tho but I thank you. I like so many, have more projects started then what 3 days can do. I would need a good 6 months or more, working 6-8 hours a day I bet to get all completed. It's a start right.

  5. Wow! That was just one day??? You are my hero. :D I love your sewing room, by the way.


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