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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Gave In

Well I have to say I've given in. I wasn't sure if I was going to do Bonnie Hunter's MQ this time cause of all the projects I have already plus with the holidays. But temptations was too much. 
So today I picked out some fabric that I had. 
One thing with me and mystery quilts is that I'm not sure if I will like the finish product. Now I have done one other of hers, Easy Street and it did turn out really nice.

Back to the fabric, I went with some of the 30's prints I have and switched a blue for the turquoise.

Now I have enough 30's prints to make it scrappy but I chose the easier way by just using one fabric for each color choice.
I call it being lazy. I didn't want to put all that time in. It would of look cool tho.
So for the HS I figure I would just do a large quantity at a time.
I do not do the Easy Angle Ruler, I do use Deb Tucker's Trimmer.
So I figure for 3" sq to start with I can get 14 from the WOF and would need to cut 10 rows (30") to make 280 HS 
I marked the lines to stitch and cut and off I went.

I did half at a time, 140 HS.

After trimming with the Trimmer I have prefect uniformed squares.

I was only able to do some before it was time for The Walking Dead. Big fan here. Personal never saw that coming, I do not like scary movies or shows but do like this one for some unknown reason.

Ok back to the MQ, I played around a little with the units. I figure these combo will not be in quilt but it's fun to do tho.

 I'm linking up with  Bonnie's


  1. Pretty colours! And your Easy Street is beautiful.

    1. Thank you very much. I did like how my Easy Street turned out. Still need to get it quilted. On the list for next year. Have fun looking at the others

  2. You picked some fun fabrics to work with. I'm using yardage as well, I don't really have the scraps to make it the other way.

    1. Having the large cuts sure does take less time prepping. Thank you for taking time to write. Have fun.

  3. Your Easy Street is one of the most attractive I've seen! Great job.

  4. It's hard not to join in a "Bonnie" mystery! Your "Easy Street" is beautiful, and I am sure your "Grand Illusion" will be too!

  5. So glad you gave in! Your CS is gorgeous and I am sure GI will be too!

  6. I've never seen that method of making HSTs, but it looks like it worked well for you. I'm a tried-and-true Easy Angle gal. Nice colours you've chosen, I substituted blue for aqua as well.

  7. It took me a while to decide to participate this year, too. I like your cheerful 30s fabric selections. And your Easy Street is great!

  8. I love your fabric selections! your quilt will be very pretty. Love your Easy Street!

  9. Lots of people are doing that quilt. I love the fabrics you've selected.


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