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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Doing a voice check

I have just realized while doing dishes. That maybe I could do a voice dictation on the Kindle for my blog. 
You know what, it works. 
It's a little fussy but it does work. So maybe I can just do dictation and not have to worry about how slow at typing I am.
 Then all I have to do is just add my pictures.
 This is really cool.
 It's amazing what you can think of when you're doing something else.
 Maybe I'll be able to post more often, (let's hope) seeing how part of my reason is because I am a slow typist and it takes me a while to write a post and time is an issue but this might take care of that. 
Now if I can just master my camera that I have it so I can take pictures with that instead of my iPhone.

Speaking of I Phone's, there is an app for Google Blogger (also androids) which I have used. Seeing how the phone does have the microphone but I found tho often will not write the word I said, so I would have a lot of editing to do. Does work too if wanted another option.
Hope you have ah hah moment today.

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