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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sew-a-thon Day 2 (with updates)

I'm ready
Showered, dressed, and had breakfast.
 It's day two

 of my personal sew-a-thon. I think I made a good dent in my tub.

What do you think?
So I will do like I did yesterday, I will post updates a couple times during the day and evening.
When the title of my post said (with updates) that mean of course added something. So if you come back to look to see if I've done anything you don't see that up there you'll know that I hadn't posted anything yet. 

The first project I'll work on is that stash busters.

I will finish putting the rows on that and then the border. 

Then I'll go back to the binding strips I cut. Do some pressing and will be ready to attach to the quilt.
Not sure how long but I'll get back on show the finished top. 
Till then 
Well my morning and early afternoon did not go as I had planned. The "man of the place" with home to take care of some chores with the cattle because of this cold snap we've had. He normally works full-time in Tulsa but because of the weather he had things he had to take care of this morning so that put me off a little bit.

Took me a lot longer to finish the top for stash – busters. 

And I did get that binding pressed and ready to go to put on the quilt too. 
But here it is now 4 o'clock and I need to go to the store, so there is another bit of my day taken out.

When I get back from the store I am going to try to at least get one of the three blocks prepared done of my Nested Churn Dash. 
Till later

Did get the one block done but that is all.

These are the ones I have done, looking very pretty.
Now I'm ready to kick back and watch TV with the "man of the place"

Back tomorrow


  1. Happy Sewing! Looks like you got a lot done.

  2. Have a really good day, looks like a lot of sewing going on.

    1. Thank you and you too. I was hoping for more but that's life as they say.


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