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Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Goals for 2015

While cleaning up my blog and taking inventory of all the quilts I have in various stages. I realize that if I'm going to get a portion of these done I need to make it public. What better place then on the blog.
So here is what I wanted to share with you.

I wrote down a page for ones started,

a page for ones I have everything for but not started

and a page for tops that need quilting or binding. 

Now does anyone else have so many too.
Please say I'm not alone.

Chooky, I want you to know I'm not giving up on my Some Kind of Wonderful quilt....
It's on the list.

Then after seeing so many others share their goals for 2015, I thought I would do the same. I believe it will help me by being accountable and again by going public. 
Like Marvis I'm picking 12 main ones to focus on for the whole year, giving me 365 days to complete.
Here they are;
  1. Organize my sewing room;  this alone could take a year. OK kidding aside it is a biggy thou, that is why it's on top.
  2. New flooring for the entire house;  This is something that has been needed to be done for years now. "The Man of the Place" is a person who does not like change so this has been a slow process to have him ready for this.
  3. Get a greenhouse;  Something I've been wanting for a long time
  4. Keep up better this year on writing in my personal and gardening journals.
  5. Fix the spare room into an official guest room, bed included.
  6. Finish 20 UFO's;  these can be quilting and/or knitting. I still need to write down my knitting projects started.
  7. More canning this year;  I did very little last year and I am now needing to replenish a lot.
  8. Relax with Yoga and Meditation....... Love, Love, Love
  9. Read 25 books; I figure I can do 2 a month. This includes listening too. I will have my list on the sidebar to share the ones I finish.
  10. Grow some new veggies this year;  Those I do grow a variety of vegetables, it will be fun to expand and try something different.
  11. Purge some every week and get rid of. Totally away from here. Have too much stuff and I'm tired of dealing with it.
  12. Total immersion into the nutritarian eating lifestyle; I will post a lot more about that in the future. Share recipes, information, other sites to visit, etc. Now this one will be only completed per say after the year passes. 
There it is the "LIST"


  1. Let me be the first to say that you are very brave to post your lists for all to see. Somehow I feel that you may have a few more categories of lists inside of you. It makes me feel so much better to see your lists and know that I'm not the only one with many long lists of projects that I want to accomplish! And my lists are very similar to yours: that feels good, too. May we all gain much pleasure from our journeys this year!

  2. You are not the only one. I have over 52 things started! Mine are from one block made to in the quilting process. I don't wait to bind things, as soon as I'm done quilting I bind so that is one thing I don't have to worry about anyway! Good luck with your projects and I can't wait to watch your progress!!

  3. You are not alone! I have loads of stuff waiting to be finished. I blame the new ideas. They keep popping up. Like knitting socks. Never thought about it. Now I need to knit a pair of socks. Go figure. It's those @#$ ideas I tells ya!

  4. I've been considering some "new" things for this year. I always have a running list of things, especially a "wish" list for me and the house.

  5. I have 21 quilt projects on my "started" list, so you are not alone there. I'm doing the decluttering thing this year too. It will take all year, but doing a little at a time is better than throwing up your hands because it's such a monumental task. Good luck with all your other goals.

  6. An extensive list, good luck with it all. I have a lot of decluttering to get done too. Happy new year, wishing you everything that you wish for yourself.

  7. I love your goal list. And don't worry!!! My lists of untouched projects and UFOs are really long - 19 original UFOs, something like 14 "new" UFOs, and probably a good 65 still left on my NETY list (Never Even Touched Yet). If you're feeling alone, just go surf my "On the Horizon" tab, and you'll feel better. :D

  8. Wow what a goal list. Purging is a great idea, so much to hold one back. Trying new varieties of veggies terrific idea. May you achieve much this year with the help of the blogging community best wishes for the new year.

  9. Wonderful to see your list! I easily have as many projects as you and like you I have my wonderful lists, I just haven't made them public.:)

  10. Oh yeah, I keep a running tab on the ones that are pre-finished quilt tops at the top of my blog, the quilt tops ready to be quilted? lol That list is private.:)

  11. hey I had some list like that when I moved out to the Chookshed...........the lists have been missing for more then 18months..........I found them the other day.............they need s serious update and it si more to dd things not actually cross anything off the lists.........bugger........sadly I needed several pages and broke it up like you did....I also wrote down where I had a precut an some yardage that had no plans eeither.............oh that was scary but it was good to be accountable............
    .....glad to see you have not given up on SKofW.........hope we see some progress soon...........


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